Kingsteam was born from the idea that beautiful, on-trend, and long-lasting beauty devices should be available to everyone, regardless of budget or location. The Kingsteam brand is owned by SalonDepot Inc, located in Los Angeles, with founder Yongzhe Wen.

Mr. Wen has been in the industry for over 15 years. Ever since he quit his job as the top manager at an international company, he joined this industry. Initially, Mr. Wen worked in the beauty industry as a manufacturer, establishing the factory in 2008, serving the leading brands of the industry as an ODM manufacturer.

Since the day Mr. Wen founded SalonDepot Inc, our aim has been to provide high-quality professional salon and spa equipment, beauty devices with local service, and to localize SalonDepot Inc in the United States.

With years of hard work, we have satisfied millions of customers worldwide, enabling them to use high-quality products in their daily lives at an affordable price. Especially during recent inflation circumstances, our hard work has helped many people.

We take pride in our company's products and services. We will continue to bring leading experiences to our clients worldwide.