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Nose Wax Kit

Nose Wax Kit

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Safe Nose Wax Set: The unique Safe Tips applicator fits snugly into the nose to remove only the visible hair, leaving the important hair undisturbed deep in the nose.

Economic Multiple Use Wax: Contains enough quantity for ten times nose hair removals. Since one waxing lasts for about one month, you can use one kit for about 10 months. This means reduced cost of hair waxing kits and less time shopping for.

Painless and effective and quik: With nasal wax you can quickly and effectively eliminate unwanted hair in your nostrils in seconds, without damaging the fine hair on the nasal mucosa.

Suitable for all skin types: hard wax with rich peppermint factor Factor suitable for all skin types to effectively remove embarrassing and unsightly nose hairs.

Package: The package contains nose wax 50g, 20 applicator sticks, 10 little cups, 1 measuring cup, 8 pads, 1 instruction manual. not disposable plastic, reusable.


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